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Written by: Howard Neil Pugh. Tunstall Studios, SW9 8DA, United Kingdom 

Author: Howard Neil Pugh All Aboard The Turtle Express (working title) - Sequel to Turtles Can Fly 

Writers Guild America WEST Registered: 2082694 

Expiry: 10/7/2025 

An Animated, Adventure-Action Feature

Logline:                                                                                                                                                          Howard walks through the Fire to find his brother who is held hostage by a tribe of Aboriginals demanding their Sacred land back. 


A Railroad Shell-ebriety 

An Express Fairy tale 

A Transcontinental Turtle


After his screenplay success with Turtles Can Fly, Howard receives news his brother is being held hostage in Australia by a tribe of aboriginals demanding their Sacred Land back. Sitting around a campfire with his new found family he walks through the fire to return to his flying Turtle character. His action ‘ignites’ an epic railroad adventure through arid desert regions, ghost towns and an opal-rich desert town pockmarked by mining shafts, an underground Church, and underground homes - all blasted out of the sun-scorched earth. In his search 'down under' for his brother he disturbs 'a hornets nest' - a dark side to ancient and modern civilizations. Can an exotic bird and the power of love save the Turtle and his brother from a ritual murder?