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Written by: Howard Neil Pugh. Tunstall Studios, SW9 8DA, United Kingdom 

Author: Howard Neil Pugh All Aboard The Turtle Express (working title) - Sequel to Turtles Can Fly 

Writers Guild America WEST Registered: 2082694    

Expiry: 10/7/2025 

A Computer-Animated, Adventure-Action-Comedy (An Inspirational,  Educational Christmas Cartoon)

Logline:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Howard walks through the Fire to find his brother who is held hostage by a tribe of Aboriginals demanding their Sacred land back. 

Taglines:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A Railroad Shell-ebriety 

An Express Fairy tale 

The Transcontinental Turtle  


After his screenplay success with Turtles Can Fly, Howard receives bad news. His brother is being held hostage in Australia by a tribe of aboriginals demanding their Sacred Land back. Sitting around a campfire with his Newfound family, (Literary Nobel prize winner) Marta (The Butterfly), Angelo (the Wizard), and their new Baby Malaya, he walks through the fire to return to his shell (his flying Turtle character). His action ‘ignites’ an epic rail journey through mountain Ranges, arid deserts, goldfields, rocky valleys, subtropical savannahs and a ghost town. He boards a train in Perth, a Transcontinental Crossing, bound for Sydney to search for his brother. In transit he encounters an animated world of voodoo and politics, horror, and romance.  Somewhere in between Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney, the Turtle’s quest to rescue his brother encounters the dark side of ancient and modern civilisations.