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egami_image: The Investment Story

"A monochrome image that was photographed in 20 minutes in an East London studio on 26 May 1986 of a male model cradling a newborn baby became the biggest-selling poster in British history.

The five million copies of Man and Baby (or L'Enfant) that were sold in Athena's stores and elsewhere made Art Director and photographer substantial fortunes.

I was assistant to Spencer Rowell, on the photography shoot of the L'Enfant poster image".

egami_image Investor  - 2017  infinitum


The first person to purchase an egami_image poster £36.75 or £57.95 GBP holds sole investor rights to that egami_image. As First Investor you are entitled to £1 GBP for every other sale of that poster you were first to invest in and purchase.

How will you know how many posters you have sold ? 

egami_image will provide you with a quarterly pie-chart indicating sales of your poster(s) investment(s). Based on a pie chart emailed to egami_investors, a cheque or bank transfer will be sent to each sole investor of an egami_image at the end of every month, or quarter, once sales of your investment surpass £100-.

Getty Image library, USA, operates exactly the same goodwill package with its' contributors. I am a Getty Contributor, since 2014. The egami_image investment is a £36.75 or £57.95 GBP lottery ... Plus you own a fine art poster by a Getty Image Photographer. 

The astute egami_image investor (first time buyer) is capable of earning a return similar to that of the Man and Baby, L'Enfant poster. The advantage of the egami_image lottery is you need only purchase one 'investor ticket - poster' in a lifetime to secure your lifetime

Click here:  to invest in an egami-image print or product 

When an egami_image or product sells a hundred units the investor in that image or product has made £99 profit. 
A thousand sales of the bespoke investor's egami_image or product and the sole investor has made a profit of £999 ... and so.

Each image is named on the egami_image website page 
That egami_image name is the investor's bank or PayPal reference name.

My egami_image PayPal account: [email protected]
Account:  311 444 88
Sort Code: 09-01-26

egami_image Copyright: 01 January 2017 infinitum

* 2017. As of the above date of publishing this website page, I retain exclusive rights to the name egami_image and this bespoke egami_image online, print and product sale concept: where an investor's first purchase of an egami_image print product secures that investor the sole right to payment of £1 GBP for every further sale of bespoke egami_image (print or product) - worldwide.