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My experience in photography evolved from 1983 when I completed a 3-year Diploma in Photography at the Natal Technikon, Durban South Africa. I majored in History and was most influenced by the Lumiere Brothers, Fox Talbot, Daguerre and early 19th Century print, paper techniques. 

I adapted the Gum Bichromate process for my UK touring educational exhibition of 20th Century Women achievers: With the use of Kodak 3' by 20' rolls of high contrast film (exposed by projector light and developed in 20 to 30 liters of Kodak developer and fixer solution).

The high contrast negatives were contact printed on to gelatin hardened, hand made recycled papers coated with a mixture of watercolors and gum bichromate, exposed to UV sunbed light to produce the final 3-foot by 5-foot exhibition parchment - presented on 9-foot easels. 

The exhibition opened in Great Minster, Pimlico sponsored by the Boots Company, BT, The Body Shop and many other supporters. 
I followed with great interest the Bauhaus photography design movement and the work of early fashion, war, reportage and theatre photographers, the likes of George Hoyning-Huene, Cecil Beaton, Horst P Horst, Eve Arnold, and W. Eugene Smith. I am presently a gettyimages* contributor. Since March 1994 I have lived and breathed photography from a warehouse studio in Brixton, where I currently reside.

I commenced my lifestyle portfolio photographing the dancers and performers at Sun City, South Africa. Born in Zimbabwe / Rhodesia.

History: Present to Past

2016 - 2019.Recording the Thames Tideway & Riverside Lifestyle Projects 

2017 - 2020: 'Pursuit of Health' gettyimages* Grant project explores the connection between people, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, challenging mental health and a positive existence. 

2015: Selected as a gettyImages* Contributor 

2006 - Present Day. Studio Manager. Tunstall Studios, London SW9 8DA

Prior to 2006 

Women of Influence exhibition Major Sponsors: BT & The Boots Company:


I am Howard Pugh (Marais) a practising professional photographer of 32 years. 

I was selected by gettyImages* as a lifestyle, travel & design photographer in 2015.  

My camera of choice:  The Nikon D 850 from Grays of Westminster

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I utilise Nikon D 850 optics and FX lenses. My images are enhanced by a Master Class course in Adobe Photo Shop. I have operated Hasselblad 6x6, RB Mamiya / Pentax 6x7 film format cameras, & the Sinar/Wista 10x8 sheet film cameras.