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Early life:
London : Assisted Spencer Rowel - 'Be Somebody Le Coq Sportif Campaign' photographer(the first time the French employed an English advertising agency). I assisted Spencer on his Athena Poster image shoot that sold five million copies: Man and Baby (L'Enfant):

South African De Beers Diamond competition. Moved to London. Published in household magazines - advertising and editorial.

I commenced my documentary lifestyle portfolio photographing the dancers and performers at Sun City, South Africa. Born in Zimbabwe.

2017 - 2019. " ... I promise it won't be boring" -  Life After Bowie ... an Exhibition on Bowie's Greatest Fan.

2016 - 2019. Space Oddity Exhibition: focusing on the revitalization of London's space and architectural structures. In particular the Thames Tideway project which aims to reduce aesthetic pollution of the River Thames. The end result sought is a vast improvement in River air quality, lifestyle, and demand for construction of luxury Riverside accommodation. 

2017 - 2018.  'Pursuit of Health' - A Getty Grant Project exploring the connection between people, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. In order to focus it's benefits on UK city communities where lifestyle change is not only affecting physical health, but also challenging mental health and positive existence. 'Pursuit of Health' is aimed at informing the city community of healthier nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices to improve the quality of their future.

2014: Selected Getty Images Contributor: 

1996 - 2017: Studio Manager, Tunstall Studios, London, UK
1995: Women of Influence exhibition. Sponsors BT & The Boots Company

An early 19th-century Gum bichromate printing process rendering painterly images from photographic negatives. My Gum prints were produced on hand made recycled papers - 50 plus portraits of the first British women achievers to break through the 'glass ceiling' in a mans' world.