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Studio Hire Rates:

As my research evolves I am finding more and more therapists are requiring adhoc bookings as opposed to monthly block bookings.

I am now implementing a scheme to grow small therapy business.

The arrangement that most therapists seem to agree upon is paying a £100 annual membership in advance which entitles them to three keys and access to Tunstall Studios. Adhoc bookings (£15 per hour) are determined by a payment in advance (bank transfer) basis, as and when the studio is available. 

The £100 is NOT refundable. It is an ANNUAL, down payment which allows you to book the studio on an adhoc basis whenever the studio is available for hire. IT COVERS KEY LOSS, AND OR CHANGING OF LOCKS, when a therapist has not HIRED the studio FOR PERIODS OF 6 MONTHS or over. As a courtesy, I will email you APPROXIMATELY every 6 months to see how business is and whether you will be renewing your annual adhoc studio hire contract. An annual adhoc contract commences when you make your first adhoc booking.

Hope that arrangement works for you. If it does please email me and we can arrange a way forward:  [email protected]

Opening Times: 24 / 7


Viewings:  [email protected]


 The hire of Unit 12 Tunstall Studios, SW9 8DA , and studio hire occupants of the Tunstall Studio property in its entirety, agree not to raise any claims or institute any legal action against Howard Pugh and / or the owners of Tunstall Studios based upon any personal injury (including death) that the person hiring or associated parties may suffer in the way of loss, damage or injury sustained at Tunstall Studios. No party (ies) will be allowed to hire or use Unit 12 and / or the facilities of Tunstall Studios, in it's entirety, without agreeing to this stipulation.